Saturday, 21 November 2009

Comment on The Nigerian Goverment's Reaction Soyinka's opinion on Obama's non-visit

I could wish we had more sense in our leadership...It beats me to understand where they got the initiative to question Wole Soyinka\'s position on Obama\'s non-visit to Nigeria. We have skeleton in our cupboard in Nigeria; the stark ugliness of the Niger-Delta case and the lack of direction of policies are better kept inside. It\'s going to be a prudent decision for Obama to stay away from Nigerian government and not to allow their shameless corruption and failed democracy to besmirch him...If Yar\'adua and co want the likes of Soyinka to say something good about them and the country, they should spare us too the embarrassment and shame of reading about their incompetence and administrative ineptitude on the world scene. The ones that call a spade a spade are the true Nigerians, not the ones that follow unquestioningly the aimlessly drifting executive robe of the government.
Thanks Prof Soyinka.
Jide Olubiyi
ThisDay Online
 (05.24.2009 07:13)

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