Thursday, 3 December 2009

RE:say a word of prayer

"...we have a lot to do to our mindset as a people, if this was America they will rally round their president and show him love at least even though they may not agree with him, Nigerians need to be ashamed of themselves they way they are handling this matter".

Although I agree with and support the exhortation to pray for the President I still have to tell you that your words (quoted above) are both off the mark and completely untrue. If he was American president with all his history of near non-performance they wouldn't just wish him ill they would have done worse than that. It's either that you are unaware of the history of American presidency or that you have totally ignored this in a bid to make Nigerians feel shame.

You know what Nigerians need? It's not being ashamed of themselves, what we need is the right to be governed justly in a fair system that aids each person's aspirations. You know what we need? We need people not to use religiosity to cover what is true and right; we have a right to be governed by a physiologically fit person. I do not support the wish for anything bad to happen to the President but at the same time I understand why people are fed up. This is a perennial ailment, the one that was there long before he was smuggled into Aso Rock.

Nigerians are good and sympathetic people, but sympathy alone does not address the case on ground. We pray for him as a person, a creation made by God in His own image, we pray for him as the President of the country. But at the same time we need to have a leader who is fit and that can, without any severe repercussion to his own health, lead this country.

I am not a politician like you, but I am a Nigerian and that's all I need to deserve a capable leadership. So please don't bring America and Americans into this; they are not our role model. We are Nigerians and this is Nigeria.

Jide Olubiyi 03.12.09

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