Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Take Note, We Are At A Climax

I read a newspiece in today's Guardian and, like most Nigerians, felt betrayed, insulted and robbed. Why? The politicians elected to be voice of the people that put them in office, from whose very account their often expensive lifestyles are sustained, appeared to have found a different voice. Theirs.
I love the majority, you know why? We represent the true spirit and emotions of the nation. But also because we have become kinsmen and fellow recipients of political rape. We never joined PDP, but now its constitution has surplanted that of Nigeria...
I felt sad, mad...I have to be careful and not feel helpless (for that's what fuels the strength of the undesired). But then I remembered there's something unique about the time, this time, in which we have found ourselves. We stand at a climax, on the height of infamy...Not base, but the very height of power and trust usurpation which cannot but change. We are at a place where a little more thrust and push against the weakened forces of political corruption is all we need to send us rolling in the direction we have always wished and prayed for. It is at such time as this that a change must take place, for us or against us.
Now we have two forces pushing our fate on the cliff: some PDP members confusing our combined heritage with their regional portion, against the true Nigerians who have shared in the tears and the joys of our communal history, who have retained service and conscience toward God and man in praying ceaselessly with all goodwill for the recovery and full restoration of our incapacitated president.
This is the tug on the summit. That's the battle in which we are caught.
If we do no more than read about the events of out state we should remember that the opposing camp has not relented in their own efforts. They smuggled the president out of the country without an explanation. His stay abroad, the state of which has been curiously kept till now from ALL Nigerians, was funded by Nigerians. And while he was in this recuperating or worsening state [who knows] on foreign shores untold insults happened to us both from within and without:
*his wife became more than his wife, she became the Queen of Niger-area;
*on the account of Farouk external insults and assaults were made acceptable against travelling Nigerians [I never told you how I was touched and searched in sensitive body parts at a Nigerian port; in my own country!];
*a stranger appended the national budget;
*we were forcefully prevented from having proper leadership for months; *thousands of lives were lost in sectarian violence in parts of the country; *projects already running behind schedule were altogether stopped;
*the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was again smuggled back into the country without the knowledge of the Acting leadership...
All these and more, Nigerians have paid for both in cash and in kind. All these represent the unrelenting forces and efforts of a cabal of PDP leadership.

They have insisted the North should have the presidency until 2015, and I said to them, "I didn't find that in the Nigerian constitution". They also said, our president is recovering, to which I said, "How do you define recover? I never knew coma to be sign of increasing life. And, on whose authority do you say such? Medical genius in Saudi Arabia have hit a wall in his case and sent him home via the diplomatic pouch, why should medically ignorant PDPites have a better opinion?" Now, they are getting frantic and desperate, they blurted out, "Just pray for him to recover, that's your duty as Nigerians, and leave governance to us!". I smiled knowing they are at their wit's end. They are at the proverbial place when stubborn drum hide must break down. I replied them saying,"I have prayed for him, and do hope you pray for us. Our duty is not a mindless followership of pseudo-religious appeals. What if he dies (or is already dead, you know, we don't) how long shall we be lead by him...or is it now you who is leading? And by the way, the last time I checked I didn't see it mentioned that it's my duty to leave governance to you. The last time we did, you shared all our heritage among yourselves, you'd run pipes to the North and drain the oil to your shores, you also made sure we live lower than a british pig. No decent water and food, no oil [lol], no job, ASUU strike continua, and worst of all no dignity for anyone bearing the name Nigerian".
I tell you, I deserve to be proud as a Nigerian.
We deserve to have all, including you, respect the constitution of our nation.
We deserve to have you honour the state of the nation and not just the affairs of a party.
Parties come and go, so must PDP, but Nigeria and Nigerians will remain.

This is the time wherein we find ourselves. Let us not just read and whine in the righteous yards of our minds. Let's all use our platform to tilt and push and roll us in the direction we deserve. You've got a voice somewhere, let's use it. You've got some muscle somewhere, let's flex it. Remember, ill fortune begins with silence.
Jide Olubiyi, 03.02.2010

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