Friday, 9 April 2010

To Josephine Legogie

How are you doing? Good to hear from you. Ma binu jare; but even you, you have not been doing a good job of keeping in touch. In times like this I guess what matters is the realisation that you have a friend and a brother here in me, and I a sister and a friend over there in you. Our paths may lead us farther from each other as the days mature but I trust God that our closeness will converge more and more in Christ. That brings me to this: how are you doing with God? How's your walk? I hope you are allowing yourself space to consider what matters more to you: the 'bread alone' or 'every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord'? Also understand that we only really fellowship with the word of God when we are continually soaked in prayers that attend to the voice of the Lord, most especially praying in the Spirit. When we separate waiting-prayer from the study of the word of God, we by the same doing rob ourselves of the aspect that makes the word of God 'quick' and 'sharper than any two-edged sword'. We submit ourselves to the part called letters and to the danger of fleshly thoughts taking hold of and interpreting the word for us. "The letter kills..." then comes to bear on our situation. We can notice such times when we have taken support in the very word of God to proceed on actions that are against His will. At such times we have, by not submitting our vessels as instruments of righteousness unto continuing steadfastly in all prayers and supplications, submitted ourselves as idle and ready vessels for execution of every ungodly counsel. By continuing steadfastly in prayer we identify with the necessary pattern established by our Lord. Study of the word, prayer and the fellowship of the Spirit thus constitute the three pillars on which the maturity of our faith in God rests.
Any seemingly divine direction received at times when our knees have long refrained from the altar of waiting-prayers is a direction that must be critically and seriously validated by hours spent seeking the Lord's face. This is especially crucial because we often think it an act of disobedience to ignore what we perceived came from the Lord be it vision, perception in the spirit man or any other channel of divine communication. We immediately think, "The Lord has told me...!". That's where the danger is, attributing the communication to divine Source. And later when our spirit is through prayers and the word of God come into a better state to receive from the Lord, and we received something different from the first communication we immediately get confused not knowing which to trust.
God is not the author of confusion, confusion comes when vessels as we, created to dwell continually in His Presence, have stayed away too long from Him. Like Eve we have moved out of safe company into a place where we get confusing information from the devil and from the flesh (ours and others).
It's a divine fact that every believer hears the voice of Jesus Christ, that the unction we received teaches us all things, that we know the voice of the Saviour apart from that of the enemy (John 10:1-5; 1John 2:20; Psalm 18:28); that our spirit is the candle of the Lord...It will be a good start of effectual confidence to mutter it within us and to ourselves acknowledging that by spiritual genetics and hereditary the Lord has configured us to hear His voice. He has modeled us to be sensitive and respond to divine leading. The second step is to begin a habit of praying long everyday; praying in tongues 30 minutes or 1 hour consistently each day is a great way to begin. First for a week, then you'll cover a month and before you realise it you are at a point where you're addicted to the word of God and to effectual fervent prayers. At that point we have become vessels the Lord can trust to reveal divine purpose to and beckon on to take hold together with His Spirit to execute specific assignment in our lives and in this generation.
Trust me, I have tried it, there are just no other way to walk in the Spirit. Whenever we draw back from fellowshipping with the word and from long waiting-prayers we become no more than un-anointed scribes, debaters of scriptures. I trust the Holy Spirit to mantle upon your heart as you read this and persuade you to draw back the curtain of your own understanding and blindness into deep and consistent waters of fellowship where you can really get to know the Lord to whom you gave your life. May the good Lord sustain you together with me in walking with Him in Jesus name. Amen.
P.S.: I intended to send no more than few lines of reply but I felt the hand of the Lord urging me to write this

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