Tuesday, 26 June 2012

For GEJ and cronies on asset declaration

"A person elected to the office of President shall NOT begin to perform the functions of that office UNTIL HE HAS DECLARED HIS ASSETS and liabilities as prescribed in this Constitution and he has taken and subscribed the Oath of Allegiance and the oath of office prescribed in the Seventh Schedule to this Constitution." -Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Section 140(1)

It has never failed to amaze me that many refuse to understand this requirement of our Constitution, and that GEJ die-hard supporters must interpret every effort at demanding transparent and competent leadership from the Federal Government as an attack on the personality of GEJ from the opposition. I submit, if this is how we think, then Nigerians rightly deserve to be treated as slaves and mediocre in our very own fatherland. [I'm taking an offside stage right now to talk to us as you]. Come to think of it, Nigerians, what exactly are you good at? Your economy resides in the pocket of a numerically few public officers, your roads are pathetic and in shambles, your power supply non-existent, your agriculture amiss, your national football team a perpetual disgrace, your education...I indeed cry for your education. I cry for your science research and technology, with your professors exchanging gossips for want of resources while graduate students in neighbouring countries make useful discoveries for their own countries. Your children walk barefoot and scavenge every dunghill for the next meal, your graduates now beggars lurking on every street corner, or selling plantain chips on Lagos' busy roads. Your jobs are absent. Your airline killed hundreds of your own people. Your oil has been commandeered for heirloom by the very people you hail "Ranka dede!". Your police officers are thugs decorated in fearsome black uniform donning guns and a vacuous head clueless how to tackle crime. A scion of religious wickedness in the North kills your children and brothers and sisters and parents and friends in broad daylight and right before your eyes. Religious scammers rob you of your pittance, rape your breast-less  children, and encourage you to keep quiet lest the wrath of God visits you. Your females prostitute themselves in exchange for Blackberry. Your houses are unlit yet you pay higher electricity tariff.

And you suffer it all, like an imbecile suffers disease-bearing flies to feast on his wound. 

Your hope daily vanishes, and your lazy hearts petitions God to deliver you a saviour from Heaven and while He is at it He should also send some manna and deliver at your doorstep. You cry and weep and fast and pray while your very hands install robbers and thieves and the incompetent to rule over you. O foolish Nigerians, who has bewitched you?! Who? Your spiritual leaders, or your public officers who have continued assuring you of better days to come. Foolish Nigeria, isn't it better to now give up your misdirected and ineffectual hope, than continue finding comfort in this sad comedy. Foolish Nigeria, with your many professors and learned, and huge wealth of human resources you still are no more than a lame, dirty and pitiable giant! Foolish Nigerians, supporter of all that is evil as long as it hails from your own tribe and from a corner of your stunted village! Foolish Nigeria, biting everyone that requests that justice and equity contained within our common Constitution be served! Foolish Nigerians... how on earth will you not remain vulnerable to your own stupidity and suffer agony from your sectarian politics!
Let Nigeria live, let her live; perhaps our brains someday will work aright  and we shall then happen on a fresh hope.

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  1. This cannot be better said, we sure need a mental revolution. Our system needs complete overhauling,but first we must start to work on ourselves and stop being foolish.