Saturday, 3 October 2009

When love wearies

I was going to make this a poem but then I changed my mind.

Three days ago a friend told me his fiancee said she's no longer interested in the relationship. I was shocked because this was a couple I could easily choose as model couple. Though it had subconsciously been pestering me before this incident, now more than before I have had to ask, "Does love tire?"

Countless number of books are published each year on this subject and funnily each year breakups and divorce reinforce their status as legitimate relational status. Funny, but sadly so. So what has happened to the counseling sessions, the books read, the precautions taken? And more importantly how did love weary?

If you've ever been in a relationship of love you could testify how it was near sacrilegious to entertain the thought of a breakup...But then the tide shifted and you asked, "how did I get here?"

Hmm! I have not the answer, but perhaps it will help to realise that love never stands on its own. It's always propped on supports like trust, security and forgiveness. When these break, love tires of tottering, it falls and only rises with the next suitor in line.

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